Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Public Service

Because I'll spend the next [fill in remaining lifespan] years criticizing the government, and naming individual government actors as wrongheaded, pig-brained idiots, it's worth stopping for a moment to realize what they sacrifice to enter or reenter public life. Richard Cohen commends members of the Obama Administration by name for their sacrifices in an op-ed piece in today's WaPo. He names names. And he's right.

The cynical among us would probably try to dream up the great advantage that Summers or Axelrod gains from service, or minimize their sacrifice and service by chalking it up to a hunger for power.

Bullshit -- these people are wealthy, and powerful, and challenged before entering or returning to public service. The truth? They care, and they want to make a difference.

So, before bashing their brains in for four years, eight years, my lifetime . . .

I'd like to thank them.

As Cohen points out, the Reagan mantra that government is the problem is dead. For a hundred years or so, when it will resuscitate and reemerge.

Now, the new wrong-headed mantra is that government can and should solve everything. Or anything.

* sigh *

I'll have to be angry at people who aren't critical of government.

that should come easily enough. . . .

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