Monday, April 20, 2009

Muleboy and panna mukta tapti waiting to be seated for dinner

I tell you, Hitchcock trembles!

All persons represented are fictional

[note the important differences between panna and little j jewel]


Little Johnny Jewel said...


The Big Train said...

culled from web; transcript not from TV Circus but from live show.

spent last Friday "directing" the entire scene, only to learn I had exceeded capacity by about 70%.

went with what I knew.

"Scarsdale" was from a live performance during their tour o' US.

not sure about reference

Little Johnny Jewel said...

I knew it was from the Hollywood Bowl, I just wanted to show off both my Python nerdery and my mad html skillz.

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Actually, at the Hollywood Bowl I think they use Glendale.

So, never mind.