Thursday, April 30, 2009

I wrote the greatest song of

all times

but I misplaced it . . . .


Bellotoot said...

Was it called "Here They Are, Jayne Mansfield"?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Did you check under the front seat of your car? That's where I always find stuff -- I mean under the seat in my car, not yours; but the same principle might apply? But if you unfortunately recognized at the time that the song was important and so, rather than just tossing it onto the pile of crap on the floor of your office, which is still all there and not lost, you dreamed up someplace "special" and "extra safe" to put it where you would "be sure not to lose it," you are doomed & will never remember where you put it. Well actually all I mean is I'd be doomed if I were to do that but again the same principle might apply and i hope it doesn't.

mister muleboy said...

My conscience has gotten the better of me: I didn't really write the greatest song of all times.

I merely sought an opportunity to publish the words of all times in my blog.

It gives me great pleasure.

Funny that you store your stuff under the seat -- I store mine ON the seats. And floor. And nooks, and crannies.

And I do write songs in the car; lyrics at least. I wrote my best lyrics on napkins in car at 70 mph on capitol beltway during the '80s. Now, I have a number of lectric and electronic recording devices so that I can recite the lyrics and not endanger myself.

I end up writing them on napkins at 80 mph [or 11 mph] on the capitol beltway whilst driving.

I just wanted to type whilst on my blog, as it gives me great pleasure . . . .