Friday, April 17, 2009

for Bellotoot

Panama Smith: "He's dead."
Cop: "Well, who is this guy?"
Panama Smith: "This is Eddie Bartlett."
Cop: "Well, how're you hooked up with him?"
Panama Smith: "I could never figure it out."
Cop: "What was his business?"
Panama Smith: "He used to be a big shot."

what's not to like?

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Bellotoot said...

Off key final note: "He used to be a big shot." The movie is marred by a few bad lines, and that's one of them. Bogart dies gasping "Crazy! Eddie!" ("His prices are IN-SANE!") Entertaining as hell, though often daffy. The cop doesn't take Cagney's pulse, Dr. Gladys George having pronounced him dead. Dead Cagney's legs change position. Priscilla Lane and Jeffrey Lynn make Ward and June look dangerous. Memorable taunt: "Left! Left! I had a good job but I left!" Thank god for Frank McHugh and the cab that can make Mineola on her reputation!