Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everlasting Moments -- Thums WAY Up!

Of all the films I've seen in 2009, Everlasting Moments outshines all. Or eclipses all.

You get the picture.

I won't review the film; my namesake, Roger Ebert [why he's ripping me off, I'll never know] posted a nearly-perfect review of the film in the Chicago Sun-Times. The review's worth reading even if you don't see the movie. But SEE THE MOVIE!

I'll add that I loved the seeming languor of the film -- its pace helps define it. The film has energy, though, and moves -- it just doesn't really tell you when it's moving.

And I loved the three performances cited by Ebert.

And I loved the political currents that don't really propel the action, but that lap at the hull of their lives.

And I loved that little Contessa. thu


Mister Parker said...

You've become me and I've become you. I couldn't much sit through "4 Months 3 Weeks And 2 Days" which came from Netflix not too long ago whereas I remember you loved it when it came out a couple of years ago. I kept thinking "I saw this in Alfie in 1966 except then the abortion bit was over in ten minutes. This is going on forever ..." I did sit through it, but I got nothing from it -- not pain, not pleasure, not nuthin' ...

I used to lap this stuff up with a spoon.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks Mr. Mule. This flick will be right up the old Whoamus alley and now I will be sure to seek it out. People are complicated, and gadzillions of “ordinary people” are quietly heroic, and I for one can’t be reminded of it enough. I don’t know who said it first, but in Chronicles Dylan said he first heard it from his grandmother: “Try to be kind to people because everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

Mister Parker said...

I'm a Washington Nationals fan -- I'm reminded of the ordinary (sometimes extraordinarily ordinary) 162 times a year.

rodger eburt said...

be a Washington Nationals fan -- so I am reminded of redemption through [the lack of] faith 162 times a year.

And Who Am Us Anyway -- a couple of ddays ago, whilst reading an entry on yer blog, you referred to the Whoamus something-or-other.

My mind read it as "woe-mus"

My mind then corrected.

But I did file another nonsensical band name in the mental bucket. If the newly-reformed Husky Navarro should again cease operations [count on it], Whoamus ["Woe-Mus"] is in bidness.

mister parker -- as for you being me and me being you -- haven't we been there and done that countless times? didn't I start by throwing parties in my office and strolling through the halls in a chatty way, only to retreat behind a closed door? Didn't you go the other way?

"Going the other way" not being about little boys or nothin' . . .

We've also reversed on going *out* to cinema v. staying in, and all that other stuff.

Just don't divorce your wife and move in to her basement, or chase after distant broads or nuthin

well, I'm off to a funeral.

rodger eburt said...

that should read:

I used to be a Washington Nationals fan -- so I am reminded of redemption through [the lack of] faith 162 times a year.