Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cramped and Curmudgeonly, No. 22

Tina Turner

Again, like Phil Spector or the Beach Boys or whomever got me started on this, I have nothing against her; she's just popularly celebrated and I don't get it don't get it don't get it.

Of course, I would take her 24-7 over Diana Ross or the Supremes, but we covered that ground in an earlier installment of C&C

I guess now I do have something against Phil Spector. . . . .

Speaking of Phil, make your way over to Who am Us and check out the recording session Phil "oversaw," involving a certain JLennon and GHarrison and NHopkins and KVoorman. . . . Phil Spector's Jukebox is also there. damned sad

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