Monday, April 27, 2009

The Bass Guitar

What a weird thing to see and realize.

I think the bass player who physically approaches his bass guitar in a way that most closely resembles my physical approach is

Mike Mills

of R.E.M.

Wierd because I am not xlose to their music, and have no affinity.

But chancing upon a video of them performing, I saw someone who had a similar right hand. Pulled up short. Then I saw a similar left hand.


May alos now have to rethink the 4001 issue.

You know, for all of my gigs.


ha ha

hahahahahaha hahah hahahahahahahahaha


ADDENDUM I just want to clarify that his choices [he thinks of himself as a "melodic" bassist] are not necessarily my choices. I just mean the way his hands attack the bass around his neck, that sorta thing.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Was that the Radio Free Europe vid over at PowerPop?

Our host over there, Steve Simels, is a bass man himself -- he played all over Manhattan whilst in a skinny tie band in the 70s ...

Hey who are a couple-three bass players you admire?

the little dubster said...

I can't speak for mister muleboy, but

'twas indeed the RFE video from Letterman, provided by PowerPop, that caught my attention and got me searching out mills video.

mister simels is a frequent source o' amazing recordings.

I admire the bass playing o' such fine bassists as

Dennis Dunaway

Ted Nicely

& Steve Jones.

None is an "inspiration" or "influence," as I don't play like them. Probably of those three, Jones is closest. As I said, I technically approach the instrument like Mills, but am more prone to percussive root work than "melodic" bass.

I am probably most influenced by Klaus Voorman on Plastic Ono Band.


second sample has a LOT of flapping up-and-down strokes . . . . .

Tomanonymous said...

Nobody asked, but I approach the bass as one should the swine flu - stay at least 5 feet away, wear a mask if possible and wash your hands immediately afterward.

I have issues

Anonymous said...

Tom is mad at me.

I don't blame him . . .

Sunday ?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Those Intentions vids are freaking great; thanks for the links!

tomanonymous said...

I am mad at no one.

OK, I'm no madder at anyone in particular than I am at everyone.

Sunday would probably be OK