Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Gotta Have Balls (to Rock and Roll)

notes on the rough mixes from Sublimation :

Hi [Sir George],
I sat down with the guys to listen to your rough mixes. We real like the recording quality. The drums sound great. Your production was great. We will give you credit on the cds. Connor, dale, and corey told me to thank you for them.

Here are some notes we took as far as the mix goes . . .

Dale likes how his vocal sound on "you gotta have balls" . . . so he would like the vocals in "love dungeon, lightning legs, and wierd bird" to all sound like his vocals in "you gotta have balls."

In "free" if you could have the same delay in the verses; then no (or little) effects in the chorus. As for all the background vocals, I would prefer their be almost no effects on my voice.

Can you make the songs sound more polished? If so, that would be cool.

The only other thing; is that each song on the rough mixes sounds a little bit different. Can you please make all the songs have a similar mix? That way they would go together better.

We like the cds alot. It was fun recording again with you. Thank you so much for all your help saturday, as well as last year.
Can you please get the CD's to me sometime this week? it would be good to get them as soon as posable so we can give them out at the show.

see you later,

P.S. . . . .
You gotta have balls to play rock and roll


"Can you make the songs sound more polished? If so, that would be cool."

I know I bought a box that will do this. I've got it here somewhere.

It's right next to the "Make everything louder than everything else" box . . . .


For anyone not familiar with my limited production skills -- asking ME for "polished" is like asking Mike Tyson for a bobbing and weaving lesson -- he understands the concept, but it's not really one of his . . . strengths. "Mad Bull, lost his way . . . " and all

Addendum II --

"You Gotta Have Balls (to Play Rock and Roll)" emanates from my little iPod / iPhone thingy, with built in speakers.

A damned catchy little number, I shall confess. . . .

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