Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turn to the Mythical Monkey

So the Mythical Monkey, who bears a startling resemblance to the secretive mister parker, has started to blog in earnest.

Earnest is gagged, and cannot demur.

* ba da bing *

You know, since nobody likes to talk about movies or argue about their tastes, I can't imagine why he'd focus on them in his blog.

But aside from that silliness [subject matter; he should look to this blog for guidance there . . . . ], you know, that fellow can turn a phrase. As he writes in today's entry:

I didn't care. And what's more, when I was honest with myself, something I rarely try to be, I had never cared.

And, in an apparent comment on my musical career:

Start with your weakest material, drive off any potential audience and build toward complete anonymity, I always say.
you should make your way over to check it out.


Mister Parker said...

I have modeled myself after you in many ways.

The blog should pick up when I reach the 1933 Katie Awards -- if I can find a good picture of Jean Harlow naked in "Red Dust"'s water tank.

Wee Willy Safire said...

I feel the word "good" - when associated with "nude" and Jean Harlow" - was unnecessary

Wee Willy Safire said...

Naked = same thing

Conrad said...

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