Wednesday, March 25, 2009


looks like a pretty busy April, non-work-wise:

time I put on my glad rags


iPhone entry for looping; questions whether 17th or 18th:


lupner said...

Heart sinking as I see complete lack of notation for "Bowling with the Loop" . . . was hoping for at least a group protest over the elimination of wax-pencil-on-glass score-keeping.

Mister Parker said...

What, no rulerball?

l'il jimmy watson said...

not a great photo of the ol' iPhone calendar, eh?

@$#^&*! reflecting screens.

Loop is entered there, with alarm, but inquires whether 17th or 18th for bowling. assumes 18th

l'il jimmy watson said...

what is rulerball?

SA said...

I've entered heavy petting for each of my Fridays!

lupner said...

The 18th is a more likely alternative . . . let us consult the schedule of Miss CK and consider options.

What IS rulerball?