Monday, March 30, 2009

Oooh -- Me Like

The People's Republic of China was nice enough to market an iPhone 3G screen protector that I decided to buy. PCMicrostore told me that it doubles as a mirror, and keeps thieves from reading the brilliant emails and texts I send to the Juvenile Buffoon, Little Johnny Jewel, and HisBarangusness.

They also sold it for a buck, with free shipping.

Here's the text on the package [which says it was made in "PRC" -- China may be a little too Chinese]:

Perfect effect of mirror
Perfect effect of mirror

Miraculous mirrorward,
share with your good friends
[photo of laughing American college-age folks]

Mirror ward, let you shine at any moment
[photo of asian woman applying makeup

Mirrorward display
you personality
[photo of college-aged Asian man wearing hornrims,
staring at an iPhone]

inspect your image at anytime ,anywhere
Dress up but not show off

Product characteristic:
* Perfect effect of mirror
*high transparence
*The static adsorption technology
*Precision model and precision cutting

! Optical Clear! Prefect readability and superior resolution

!Less Eyes Strain! Clear visual comfort in all lighting environments

!Stealth protected! Non visible to LCD and Sensitive Touch Screens

Installation method for iPhone:

1. Clean the screen with the clothes incidental. in remove the dust and contaminations.
2. Peel off the second / P{ET material on the screen ward gently by the lable.
3. Stick the screen ward on the LCD gently, and the rip off the PET material.


Free trade, baby . . . . .


The Jestaplero said...

Less Eyes Strain! Clear visual comfort in all lighting environments

The fools! That should be fewer eyes strain. Learn to talk English, buddy...

Black Puss said...

Call me juvenile.

call me unevolved.

All it takes to send me into hysterics are the two words:

The fools!

You had me at "hello"