Monday, March 30, 2009

Kim Morgan Continues to Rock My World

In her film blog Sunset Gun, Kim Morgan nails, in eight words, a summary description of a decade's worth of movies:

*[. . . ] Heaven Can Wait, a sweet romantic comedy that, consistent with '70s cinema, managed to feel depressing.

[from "Happy Birthday to a Singing Warren Beatty"]
I think that the comedies of the '70s -- the films of the '70s -- were at their core depressing.

Nothing short of hilarious, in some cases; three or four of my favourite film comedies come from that decade. But depressing. What seventies movies weren't?

I think that Tootsie, which is technically an '80s comedy, is deeply depressing, and fundamentally closed '70s comedy. It is depressing like so many of the other flicks of the dirty, dark decade.

MY decade. . . .

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