Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jeezus Cheerist

for anyone wondering why I hate the Washington Nationals:

from a press conference yesterday

Oh, yeah -- 102 losses kinda bugs me too.


Mister Parker said...

I saw this in the WaPo this morning. The only people Screech appeals to are children and they are evidently quite fond of him. So, of course, the Nats turn him into something guaranteed to appeal to exactly nobody -- certainly not the teenagers and young adults they are targeting.

Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, the Washington Nationals are the Charlie Browniest ...

l'il jimmy watson said...

I recommend the blog "I Miss RFK"":

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu we give you the crappiest franchise in the Majors.

Oh to be a Royals fan.

lupner said...

Screech is a big painful pain. I think everything would be just peachy for the Nats if they made Teddy their mascot. Run, Teddy -- RUN!!!!