Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Intentions at Friendship Station

December 1983. Tom had a fever.

A Whopper of a Fever.

The night before had been our incredible sucess opening for Cyndi Lauper at a sold-out 9:30. Girls Just Want To Have Fun was a huge hit.

If I could find Cyndi Lauper right now, I'd beat that little shit within an inch of her life.

Not that it's NECESSARILY her faUlt.

aND SOMEBODY FIND jONATHAN gILBERT [a.k.a. Weasel ] and let me rap that fucker in the head too. Not that it's remotely his fault.

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¡barangus!™ said...

I remember that look.

I know a gig is a gig but who TF thought it a good idea to book The Ints as opener for Cyndi? Was it Danny Innoye? Dodie? Shouldn't one of them be added to your hit list?

l'il jimmy watson said...

I can answer this on behalf of Tod, having actually been present.

The Intentions desperately wanted in to 9:30 in a bigger way, and would have taken any gig offered.

Dodie booked the show through Seth. Ted had told Seth that he thought we leaned "new wave" and would be a good fit.

I actually think that -- had we been allowed to play -- we would have gone over great. The whole feel, as we all remember, was of "community," and even though GJWTHF was blowing up HUGEly, Lauper was still a staple of 'HFS, and she was still more likely to attract old Blue Angel fans to 9:30 than to attract newcomers who were into the poppier stylings of her new wave persona [and she was still more of a waver -- Hooters writing the big hit, etc.].

Naaah -- the "hit list" comes from driving to 9:30 and listening to Lauper being interviewed by Weasel FOR ABOUT FOUR BREAKS, all the while thinking "hmmmm; how'd she finish her soundcheck so early?"

Only to arrive and learn that she hadn't soundchecked, and that her synth station took up enough space that they didn't want to break it down.

I shouldn't really care; we ended up getting a Saturday-night headlining gig out of it*, and one that was REALLY FUCKING GREAT, so who am I to complain?


* thank you T. Keene for the collapsed lung!