Friday, March 13, 2009

I Walked, No. 2

As I often say, I'm in the tank for a movie the moment I settle in to a movie theater's cushy seat, popcorn and Zero in hand, lights dimming.

But I have walked out on a lot of movies.

Only four come to mind, though. My mind is failing me.

Brimstone and Treacle -- Simo and I left. Ice storm outside was better than Sting;

Home Alone --

misterparker and I couldn't abide it; I hear we missed the only tolerable parts [the Stooges-like pratfalls];

City Hall -- I like Pacino, Sue likes Cusack; what could go wrong? Everything. We had to leave by walking out in front of four huge, talkative women. They were the best part of the experience; and

Borat -- My mind was elsewhere, and so I was not in the mood to give myself over to Mr. SBC

Sue and I took the kids to see Flubber, "starring" Robin Williams.

I would have given $1000 to feel free to walk out. We stuck it out for the kids.

Outside the theater, they allowed as to how the movie "sucked" more than any movie has ever "sucked."

lesson learned

1 comment:

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