Monday, March 30, 2009


3/4 of Sublimation listen to playbacks; Corey is not pictured, as he was resting behind the drum kit.

Some folks have noted that, while the music is very different, Sublimation recordings sounds uncannily like recordings of The Phenomenal Zits.

They don't call me "One-Trick Pony" for nothin'!

I'm a Weird Bird, you'd better run!

Sublimation will play a matinee at Jammin' Java on April 19; their set will start just before 3 PM.

You'll then have time to recover, catch an evening flick, and grab a veggie burrito bol at Chipotle before The Crowd Scene and Alice Despard play at the Galaxy Hut that night.

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Lupner said...

Rock on, master producer! That weekend is getting more interesting all the time --