Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That Whacky Patton

I have culled this from Patton's Top 5 Lists of 2009, wherein the comedian eschews the lame old practice of looking back at what came the year before, and instead looks to what is about to be:


I Also Fingered a Girl in a Kiddie Pool of Wesson Oil
Katy Perry
In another collection of songs written for her by the editors of MAXIM Magazine, Katy Perry tries to stretch five minutes of titillation into a careers-worth of relevancy.

Night Grooves
Ian McKaye shocked his fans with this catchy, can’t-stay-in-your-seat collection of dance tunes. Includes “Shimming the Beat”, “Dew-It Witchu” and “Positive Power Slide”

Gimme Dat
The Wyoming rap corridor finally found its Dr. Dre.

Go Get ‘Em, President Smokey
Toby Keith
Toby’s misguided tribute to our new incoming president effectively ended his career, but what a way to go!

A Very Metal Arbor Day
Mastodon, Anthrax and 13 other bands remind everyone to plant a tree and worship Satan.

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