Monday, February 23, 2009

A special thanks

Only those few, privileged, and proud

men [and women] who
have participated in one of my

could really understand the accomplishment.

Not my accomplishment; I just fuck up [and off] for ten years, then expect someone to clean up my mess.


No, the accomplishment is theirs -- for surviving.

It's not pretty.
Amazingly, those brave souls
got it done.

goddammit I'm proud of these men.

It's all over but the shouting

I have a week of cleaning left, and made sure to leave enough
to amount to modest, manageable penance [is there any other kind],

One day, like the surviviors of Patton's march, or the Normandy landings, they'll
to each other

and just nod, saying

2009? Yeah. I was there . . . .

I'll have to find my phone [yeah; like that'll happen!], but I can be reached pretty much in all the same old ways.

If anyone sees that snub-nosed .38 Special,
please return to owner.

For those making requests:
parno gone bye bye. sorry.

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