Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Old Ways Are Best

In keeping with my post from last night, I see that President Obama has lumped long-term policies in with the stimulus plan. Not just allowed the House to have its head, but is doing it himself.

I would prefer "change" to include an honest and open debate that does not conflate responses to the current economic crisis with broader beneficial policies. While now may BE the time both for quick, dramatic, stimulative action *and* for long-term economic benefit from energy-efficient buildings and health-care reform, I deserve and demand a reasoned debate on each. "Change" and "tough choices" and remaking "the way Washington works" means truly leading us to the adult world of honest debate.

As someone who bristles every time he sees Sudafed sales regulated and monitored pursuant to the Patriot Act, I'm now disappointed that President Obama has not only tolerated the conflation of the debate by Congress, but is engaging in it himself.

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Mister Parker said...

"A reasoned debate"? Good luck with that. When was the last time politicians had a reasoned debate about anything? Lincoln-Douglas? And look how that turned out -- four years of brutal civil war.

I encourage you to continue your call for a reasoned debate. I'll continue writing novels and sending out resumes. And the Nats will continue to play baseball. Why not? Just because nothing's going to come of it doesn't mean we shouldn't keep doing it ...