Monday, February 23, 2009

Intentions Flyer, No. 10

Flyer created for JSW's law school, where he had finally started a buzz -- at about the time he left.

A group did hustle down to the Wax Museum, and other groups came out oncst in a while. The show featured on this flyer got a group of young men, with their adoring profeessor, out for an evening on the town.

The fact that

The Intentions featured four young men in black leather sweating their asses off on stage, yelling and carousing, couldn't have been attractive to these students and their professor.

Nor could the Gentry's proximity [one-and-one-half blocks] to a very active D.C. nightlife.

Things were different then. I'm not sure Ellen would have made it on TV. Reagan and everything. . . .

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