Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We should've done "Home Again"

As many of you know, we were granted the rare good fortune, and privilege,
of playing an opening set of music at
the Crowd Scene's upcoming
record-release celebration.

It's pretty yummy, and we thank them.

But, receiving the call at the beginning of last week, I went into full
Bark At The Carpet
and said "ja"
without worrying about details. I knew that I had a drumbox, and I figured if there were
no available band, I could
do a skankin' beatbox set playing a bass along with a drumbox.

No, that's not kidding; I've been naked in front of you people before.

But there was indeed a band available. One erstwhile member had to fly off to Mexico [well, Indiana, but same thing], and another was free to rehearse, but
had to engage in some kind of drunken orgy with swingers ["Those In The Life"] and mezcal, but I would not let it deter me.

But a shorthanded rehearsal gathering occurred which threw me for a loop. We had to settle on a short set [with no time, ya gotta focus, baby!], and used our most recent outing as a template. I talked men into one cover I want to do, and I was talked into an original that I had been sleeping on. The music was played very well [albeit briefly].

But our drummer insisted that we do the Crowd Scene song "Home Again." When tanonymous and I informed him that
the Crowd Scene were headlining the bill, he looked at us and just said "exactly." He then said Bark At The Carpet. I
instinctively knew he was right.
So T and I talked him out of it, to his disappointment.

But I was more bummed out that I had already compromised my art.

We should've done "Home Again"


Little Johnny Jewel said...

there's still time

we ain't playin' it, that for damn sure

mister muleboy said...

well, if we tell L'il Johnny Hubbell, it's a foregone conclusion that it'll get played.

But *I* sure ain't singin' it. . . . .

Tomanonymous said...

If you're really not playing it, someone has to as a courtesy to the audience who paid to hear it.

Mabe 7DS guy can work out a solo version.

Got any other signature songs you're avoiding? We could do a whole tribute set.

mister muleboy said...

I've talked to Ken about the Rhumba version of Beatnik

Tomanonymous said...

I can see it now - "GOML presents Crowdscenemania". Not so much a simulation as semi-competent rendering of fine songs while completely missing the point of them.

It's our oooooveruh