Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tours with Greg, and George, and Ted

Sterling Sound has got one of the cooler motherfucking websites out there, in my oh-so-humble estimation.

Their "tour of the studios" lets you identify where each of the engineers does his work, you get to zoom in to the gear, check out bios and crap for each guy and gal -- all cool stuff.

I was disappointed to see that they haven't broken out a separate tour of the tiny waiting room where I sat waiting to chit chat with Greg Calbi about mastering the Blindfold/Lied To Me single. I feel that it is probably represented by the word "closet" on their tour. To this day, I don't remember or understand why exactly I declined to sit through the mastering session.

My best recollection is that I had been led to believe that the artists and producers below would only fuck up the mastering, somehow trying to reinforce the same mistakes.

It was also probably more expensive. And I was stupid, and was way too busy "trying to get the band signed" [schmoozing/stalking] to actually pay attention to the shit I was interested in.


What a stupid move that was. But hey -- Michael Stipe walked in while I was waiting!

And at least I can say "yeah, I worked with that cat that did Walls and Bridges, man . . . ."

Or maybe I can say "dude was righteous on Keating's Quixotic, Dude!"

pretty much the same thing.

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