Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

i've been largely absent lately, and miss my pals here at the mouth of the mule

life hasn't been letting up. this blog thing is, of course, a part of life, but it's a luxury.

one i haven't had much time for.

but my friends aren't a luxury, and i'm thinking of all of them whilst running around like a topped chicken

as a proud scot, i like to adopt faux anglicisms, like "topped chicken"

mangling english and reinstating ghaidlig is, of course, my goal

but i digress . . . .

anyway, you cats are tops. i'd say you cats are the cat's pyjamas, but then you'd be yer own pyjamas

it's a scary time to be alive, but when ain't it? and being alive is a temporary thing anyway

1 comment:

lupner said...

Well, I for one am grateful that you chose that lovely photo of Henry Fonder v. the topped chicken . . . and thanks for keeping the blog going during these wacky times --