Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It will be interesting if Mr. Franken holds his razor-thin vote lead [well, I guess it's not a lead yet; but it is rumoured that he'll have one] and joins the U.S. Senate.

A close acquainatnce of mine, who is a long-time DC politico who was called in to help Franken's campaign in October, tells me that he is on eof the meanest, lowest scumbags around. Apparently his behaviour is "humourless."

I would probably have chalked it up to some disagreement betwixt 'em, but I have now read or heard similar descriptions from three other sources, four total, who have no discernable bias or predictable connection.

While I have no use for his TV or film work, I've enjoyed a couple of Franken's books, and found him [at least originally] to be a thoughtful observer of politics.

Hmmmm; time will tell.

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