Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Huge Thums Up for Timecrimes ["Los Cronocrímenes"]

We've all seen films about time travel. We've all seen films about crimes committed, and attempts to solve or stop them, while folks whisked about time.

Los Cronocrímenes

just nails the genre, the intricacies, and the emotions. This is a small but great movie. It's a thriller, it's funny, and it's thoughtful. It's also clever without being cute. I really dug it.

No big mystery. Just a guy who sees something, and goes to investigate [the naked broad he's investigating might explain that he's not looking for time travel and intricacy.

My web-browsing tells me that it's leaving DC's E Street Cinema on Thursday, and won't be back. Get out there and see it. That is, if you don't want a movie that'll "change your life," but want something small and fun and interesting, go! GO. Go . . . . .

If you're in New York, maybe it's on its way there.

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