Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Criticizing Obama, No. 2

Now that the campaign is over, and the election secured, I can settle in to enjoying the national pastime: Criticizing The President. Or in this case, the president-elect.

I noticed it sometime during September, saw it worsen until November, and partially subside since Election Day.

Yet another president with a post-graduate degree from Harvard who feels obliged to strategically [and occasionally tactically] drop the g from the end of words, usually from a gerund.

And most conspicuously when referring to something related to the concerns of the workin class.

I think it's impossible not to be affected by the circumstances of public speaking. Everyone is mannered when speaking before a thousand people, or on a national television audience. Hell, in front of five people at a party, especially when you don't know the people at the party.
photo by Washington Post
Senator Obama adopted a church-service rhythm during many speaking engagements; a fitting style considering the nature of his audience and their devotion. And he dropped quite a few gs out on the campaign trail.

That practice has diminished, but not disappeared. It disqualifies him from nothing.

But I guess I'd be remiss in my critical duties if I didn't point it out, since it was a frequent subject of critics over the last eight years. The affected speech patterns of a pandering president, as it were.

If that's the sum and substance of this morning's criticism, I'd say the transition is going quite well . . . .

Back to the salt mines; they aren't really letting up around here.

Of course, long hours for stupid pay is a lot better than long hours for lousy pay. . . .

PS Please don't insist on the "proof" of the dropped gs; I'd hate to have to give YouTube citations, with minute and second markers, for the occurrences during the MTP session, or at the recent press conferences.

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