Wednesday, November 19, 2008

** sigh **

You know, my incessant juvenile atheistic horseshit postings have pretty much driven away the distaff side.

I think the pierced hood, 10 hours for $1200 comments

--- no, the never-ending

JH comments

diabolically generated, with great skill at circumventing my character-recognition protection

are wearing me out.

I could go to a moderated comments thing, in an effort to win back our female viewership.

Who am I kidding; that's down to five. . . .



lupner said...

Umm . . . I really got nothin' much from this side of distaff. But I want to contribute somehow, so --

Random comments that apply or may apply to this blog at some point: looking forward to (1) Coccia comedy (2) RD at 930 (3) arrival of Glossary for Squares in hard copy.

Somehow managed to get sucked into watching Godfather II for the eleventieth time this weekend. You couldn't pay me to see #3 again, but those first two are endlessly fascinating. It may even be the fact that I remain fascinated every time that fascinates me.

Irrelevant girly comment: Loving new deep red designer leather hobo bag from Macy's. Dreamy. Worth every penny I charged to the card without an ounce of guilt.

The Aging Scott Watson said...

I'm just glad you're still willing to post to the "No Vermin allowed" website.

I keep starting to write you long e-mails, but I get embarrassed about how distant I now am, and how boring I now am.

Thanks to Lucy, I am a member of "The Purse Forum" [handle: mister man]. I love the Macy's hobo, but I'm more inclined to Rebecca Minkoff . . . .


lupner said...

How could I have forgotten about your talent with handbags? What do you think about Lucky brand, Mister Man? I find much of it just too trendy, but some is also quite appealing.

The evil intruder vermin must be stopped.