Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mister Muleboy Apologizes

we're a small little community here, but an open and fun one. or we once were [when anybody read this shite].

lately, we've been invaded by the dreaded "directed spam bullshit nasty comments" that refer to a noted popstar that I admire and love, who has been the subject of many posts by writers on this blog.

some automated system has detected posts using the singer's name, and have autmoated a series of blog comments denigrating the artist and purportedly offering her for sex.

lots and lots of blogs are affected.

i could stop that by moderating comments, but that would mean that comments would take a while before they would show up.

unless anybody objects [and please use the comments section to do so], i'm gonna leave things as they are. i like it when people 'converse" in comments, and moderation would kill that.

thanks for bearing with us

do not adjust your set

1 comment:

¡barangus!™ said...

Wonder how they are getting by the word verification.

ANd what a strange strange target for a Joe Job.