Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm cautiously optimistic for this Obama fella -- all of the people I know who are critical of him are critical of how he's treated and discussed. They are, for want of better words, critical, or at least skeptical, of his deification. Yet, for all their criticism, almost of none of it is particularly focused on him or on what he's said. They do make fun of the essential emptiness of the word "change" as it came to be used, but don't seem to harbour a lot of anger or cynicism about him personally -- and it's not the kind of angry feeling that surrounded his two predecessors.

Since almost every voter is sure to be surprised as shit, and will find their own joys and disappointments [and there are sure to be both], I think it bodes well that his opponents* don't seem full of vitriol.

*I exclude from my discussion those who professionally benefit from public hatred or scorn -- the Limbaugh/Hannity types. Indeed, the reluctance of conservatives that I know to throw in with the early hatred is part of what I'm trying to describe here.

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