Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cramped and Curmudgeonly, No. 12

Okay, it's not about music.

I'm broadening my Cr.&Cur sights a bit.


I fucking hate it.

But only since the mid-70s; before then, I probably liked it.


Anonymous said...

Sex In Different Positions, Oral without condom, Kissing with tongue, Cum on body, 69 Position,A-level, Erotic massage, Masturbation & Striptease, Pierced cunt.
1 Hour 300 $
2 Hours 450 $
3 Hours 600 $
4 Hours 750 $
10 Hours 1200 $
24 Hours 1600 $
48 Hours 3000 $
Send me $ 20 US + SASE and you will receive an hand-me-down panty from me.
I am dead serious.
Juliana Hatfield
22 Bigelow Street #2A, Cambridge, MA 02139

Exhausted Warrior said...

Oh good.

It's you again.

I see that you've changed your address. . . .

E. Spitzer said...

Ten hours for 1200 bucks?? Where have you been all my life?

Eliot Spitzer said...

Not only is someone trolling the web going after Juliana, but now someone's going around posing for ME.

The more I could spend, the better.

Part of the power.

Just like the socks.

The Jestaplero said...

No way Christmas fits Cr&Cu criteria.

Everybody fucking hates Christmas!

*However, if you don't enoy the PHIL SPECTOR CHRISTMAS ALBUM you are, by definition, the anti-Christ, and a lifehating babyeater.

(PS my word verification was "comenest." Really!)