Monday, October 27, 2008

Me and the TImes

The Intellectual House of Pancakes commended to us this fabulous site chronicling the presidential election endorsements of the New York Times throughout its existence. You get a brief snippet of each endorsement, and then a .pdf of the full editorial.

I was fascinated to read this portion of the editorial endorsement of Wendell Wilkie over FDR [whose "fiscal policies . . . have failed disastrously"] in 1940:

My extra-partisan* view of our current fiscal, financial, and economic [and yes, they're all distinct] problems is so consonant with a notion stressed in the editorial: the belief that it is possible to grow richer by working less and producing less. As so many people got so rich the last fifteen years, I wondered daily what they were producing. I realize that services and conveniences can be incredibly productive; I'm not simplifying by wondering what physical products are being delivered. And I even understand leveraging, and using our stored "wealth" and expected production to accomplish more, and as a foundation for building capital. But a ton of people made a ton of money out of the fiction that there was undicscovered wealth that they were helping to discover, when they were just creating a fictin of wealth and fleecing the next four generations. . . .

* I say extra-partisan because I have some partisan beliefs that inform, and may even distort, my understanding of these issues, but I sometimes have overriding observations that don't seem related to those distortions.

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Mister Parker said...

So is this an endorsement of Wendell Wilkie? Do you write him in or is there a spot on the ballot for him?