Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's Dance, No. 8

I'm working on some mods to our financial system, and to our economy:

I expected a lot more improvement. The 60-cycle hum has diminished, but there's a real crackling sound every time someone wants to borrow money.

Click Either Photo To Enlarge

In this second photo, at Figure (1) I have injected a $700-billion flux capacitor. It has to be injected at multiple points, but what you can't see in the photo is that most of the juice is being siphoned off [out of camera range].
At Figure (2), I am lowering Voltage with an Orange Dingleberry Rate Reducer; I've lowered it by half-a-percent right here, but I may go lower if things don't sound good. Of course, that could raise Inflationary Hum, which I'll have to battle, and which sunk our tone in the late 70s.
Figure (3) is just two little dicks with cock rings; I had to make this thing "sexy" somehow.
Figure (4) is a black "lock box" for Social Security, and
Figure (5) is the Medicare "lock box." They'll both explode before this thing is through.

And I can smell something frying, even though I can't pinpoint it with my trusty circuit-checker . . . .


Tomanonymous said...

I understand now.

I still prefer tube economics and NOS banks, but that's me.

Steve Jobs said...

better that the Fed go Tungsram than go with the crappy Russky or [heaven forfend] Chinese stuff . . . .