Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love tomanonymous because every time The Same / The Intentions would audition a "lead singer / guitarist," tomanonymous would get right down to business.

The AD that ran in the local music paper / WaPo mentioned (the) Razz and Cheap Trick and [I think] the Ramones / new wave. One guy showed up with feathered hair and a porn-star moustache, and didn't want to audition with any of the songs we suggested. Tom was patient [well, as patient as he could be in those days, so he was impatient; but I digress . . .] until the guy said haughtily "look, I can sing like Paul Rodgers . . . ."

Tom laid his arms over his guitar, leaned in, and said "who'd want to?"

The audition was over.

Thanks to circumstances, my ignorance, Ithaca College, John Lennon and [reluctantly for him] Tom, I got to be a lead singer.

Or, as Bill Craig would say:

a Lead Singer!

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