Monday, October 6, 2008

four thums up, for Appaloosa and Grand Ecole

from a recent e-mail exhange with misterPar|{er:

>we saw Ghost Town. good call. who would have thought the gag reflex could
>be endearing and romantic ... Tea Leoni has talent and seems to be doomed to
>relative obscurity forever ...

I think she's so good in the movie. I paid to see it in the theater. Twice.

I saw Appaloosa on Friday evening. Like watching paint dry. If it's paint that you find fascinating and funny and captivating and nostalgic and cutting edge and witty and occasionally odd.

That's a thums up

Saw The Duchess on Saturday. I left impressed by many things. Wish I had instead watched paint dry. Ultimately disappointing.

Watched Grand Ecole on Saturday night on Netflix DVD. It stars Alice Taglioni, who rocks my world. I found that the sexual identity / class discoveries of young French people is not *altogether* my thing, but all in all, I gave it a Thums Up. I find that I can watch movies on DVD at home provided that they are art house flicks, preferably with subtitles.

I don't have much of a snob thing working -- I can go dig Iron Man or Disturbia in a theater just fine, even when the film is selling out to a gazillion people. But the subject matter of art house flicks is more likely to interest me, and I really enjoy French movies. I lap that shit up even when it's not great. I also find I'm digging documentaries a lot, when viewed with other people in a theater.

I might just post this exchange on mule site

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