Tuesday, October 28, 2008

for Lupner

Daniel Auteuil

I'll confess that I took a flyer on this one -- I just don't know how well the Lupner responds to your aging Gallic-type man. But I fear I've let her down lately, so I needed to get back in the game, even if I'm not hitting on all cylinders. -- Blog Pimp


lupner said...

I certainly appreciate your concern, Mister Pimp . . . (and for the record, feel not at all let down despite lack of regular response). However, Daniel's looks are a little femme for my taste, which has not to do with his being a Gallic-type but rather having rather soft features. A lil' too pretty. A lil' too Paulie, if you will.

Jean Reno or Gerard Depardieu would be more to my tastes if you're talking aging Gallic-types. Not classically handsome, not men whose photos I'd stare at for hours, but love 'em. A gorgeous aging English man of Italian descent is Vincent Riotta, who becomes completely irresistible with an Italian accent. Just throwin' him in there b/c he's (1) aging (2) gorgeous.

Mister Parker said...

"(1) aging (2) gorgeous."

Why, Mr. W, there's hope for you yet.