Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Current Netfkux Queue, No. 2

(1)Jet Lag Average rating: 3.203 Foreign Now DVD

(1)Hearts of Darkness Average rating: 4.8 Documentary Now DVD

(3)Bukowski: Born into This Average rating: 3.826 Documentary Now DVD

(4)Anatomy of a Murder Average rating: 3.956 Classics Now DVD

(5)After the Thin Man Average rating: 4.174 Classics Now DVD

(6)Exxxxxxxxx Average rating: 3.087 Romance Now DVD

(7)Blue Average rating: 3.833 Foreign Now DVD

(8)2 Days in Paris Average rating: 2.88 Independent Now DVD


Mister Parker said...

Assuming Blue is the Blue from the Three Colors trilogy and not the other movie called Blue which is nothing but dialogue played out over a blue screen, I've seen four of the movies on your list and liked them all (including Hearts of Darkness, After the Thin Man and Anatomy of a Murder ...)

I'm sure you needed to know this.

Robert Mapplethorpe said...

I've seena few of them before myself; I feel the need to revisit.

appaloosa, Duchess, Grand Ecole are all good too.