Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Building the perfect life, No. 2

It's too bad that Robert Stanton was one year too young to appear in the WTW production of Godspell; had that occurred, I could safely say that at least three performers from one play all showed up on my TV last night; as it is, three performers from my high school all went out to get gigs, and to invade my home.

Denny Dowse appeared as the sheriff on CBS's The Mentalist, the afore-mentioned Stanton appeared on a rerun of Law & Order in which he portrayed the bad guy, and Thomas Michael Allen voiced his character Peanut on a repeat episode of Harvey Birdman.

I'm sure as those three settled in to their sound stages [or locations, or recording studios, as the case may be] they were wishing they could be analyzing the legislative history of 1991 amendments to an Act of 1950.

Those unlucky bastards!

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