Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thums WAY up for In Search of a Midnight Kiss

So on my second try, I was successful in seeing In search of a Midnight Kiss, which I was disappointed to see reviewed as "the best indie film in like, [a long time]. . . " with lots of other gushing gushes. A lot of good, good movies are out there, and nobody needs to build expectations for film this small. It's a B/W video portrait of one New Year's Eve in the life of a lonely fellow. It's shot on video equipment that, once transferred to 35mm film and projected, is occasionally jarringly unable to keep up with the [even languid] movements of its actors. It features no one you'll recognize.

No movie needs that kinda pressure.

Add to that my distaste for the protagonist's voice [it may have appeared in a narration, although I have no recollection of a narration. I guess he sets up the film in a short narration. Anyway, I thought I'd wanna brain the guy if I could climb into the film.

I thought this movie was fekkin' brilliant. It's [fill in all of those great adjectives -- funny, moving, thoughtful, touching, biting, insightful, quirky, sexy, modern, classic, thin, fat, great-tasting, less-filling] without, imho, working too hard at any of them.

I really didn't feel like I was watching anything but a great movie with characters I wanted to watch.

I won't fuck up a long streak here by providing a meaningful analysis -- that just wouldn't be me. But let me say that the characters really grow in the 24 hours in which we see them. Or, more accurately, the movie reveals their depth and humanity and reality -- if you think you have somebody pegged, you're probably wrong. But it's not at all about plot twists and revelations that somebody is not who or what you thought -- it's just that, as people behave, they become more complex.

I guess there's a reason I don't try to provide meaningful analysis.

Let me also add that the movie, like any other, kinda lets you see what's coming -- except that the people aren't acting out a screenplay, and they may not behave or think the way you expect them to. I just didn't find it predictable.

When the Jestaplero and his then-woman came to me and said "Swingers -- we have seen the future, and it is Vince Vaughn" [okay, they probably didn't put it that way], they correctly noted the appearance of a vital on-screen force [let's leave aside whether Mr. Vaughn has wasted all of his gifts on horrible material . . .]. I see no such unbelievably vital force, but I predict we'll see and hear a lot from Scoot McNairy, Sara Simmonds, and Brian Matthew McGuire.

You should try to see this flick. And, if you can watch movies on a screen at home, yes -- it will almost surely translate well to the small screen.

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