Monday, September 8, 2008

The Squared Glossary

Imagine my excitement when I stopped in at the Wampus Website and found that I could buy the Crowd Scene's new record With Complete Glossary for Squares.

The Crowd Scene / With Complete Glossary for Squares (WM-074), 2008

Walk Up To The Heath / Edward Learjet / I Wouldn't Say I'm Sorry / Trick Photography / You Were Loved / Cracked Leather Seat / It's Not Easier / Secretly Sorry / Great Jones Street / Which Way / Anything's Better Than Nothing / Finish Line

Yay; I would scoop the world and listen to those lush harmonies and captivating melodies. Even if my brilliant marimba work ended up on the cutting room floor.*

Sadly, there is not yet an active link to do the buying. But I can hope!


Since you can't get the Crowd Scene CD/Download, at least you can go and download, for free, the new single by the artist who most sounds like Grahame Davies.

PS Anyway, two thoughts: (1) Learjet! and
(2) I think it took enormous guts to include a song about orgasm. Just sayin'

*okay, the cutting room of my mind. But I know I coulda brought mad marimba skills!

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