Thursday, September 4, 2008

a New, Old Venue

It was fun getting in to the Wonderland Ballroom last night to catch a set by Matt Keating.

I was on my way home from a long [but fun] night, and had no intention of going. But I was reminded by an ex-wife that I was near dowtown [actually, I was almost all the way home], and that it would be the right thing to do.

As it wasn't that late, I turned around and went -- supporting the arts and all.

But man I was tired.

Anyway, Matt's set was quite good [a very different band and vibe fro mhis GalHut appearance during the summer].

But I was taken by the Wonderland Ballroom.

After experiencing "new" clubs like new 9:30, new Black cat, Iota, and Jammin' Java, it was great to go to an old DC restaurant that had a pit upstairs with a small PA. A pit of an old bar. A poorly-laid-out, hard to see Friendship-Station-meets-the-Gentry-with-the-Chancery-Thrown-In kinda place. An "outdoor-beer-garden" meets smelly-old-indoors kinda place.

Enjoyed it. Had to leave immediately after the set.

We're busy takin' down the nation, you know. gotta get some shuteye!


tomanonymous said...

Same bass player?

Gen. Buck Turgidson said...

a forty-plus man playing a three-quarter scale Fender bass. . . .