Friday, September 5, 2008

Harvey Birdman: Attorney-At-Law

So, with a hurricane coming to town and fear and loathing accompanying it, I will work hard on chores.

In the background, I will be playing/watching Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.

I will be particularly interested in the character of Peanut.

Peanut is Harvey's 13-year-old paralegal, who knows how to say, “When will your husband be home?” in pretty much all of the Romance languages. He has also been known to show up at the office with a bazooka and a bad attitude. In short, a sweet, normal teenager. In a pink sweater vest. Not exactly threatening. When Harvey is out of his legal depth, the perceptive Peanut is usually the only one who knows it.

Peanut is performed by Thomas Allen, also known as Thomas Michael Allen, also known as Tom Allen.

I'd look elsewhere for that. . .

It was important to buy the DVDs, since the episodes are free on various websites.

I hope Tom has a piece o' the action . . . .

Harvey Birdman was once a third-rate superhero. He is now a third-rate lawyer. There was a brief period as “bachelorette party entertainer,” but we’ll ignore that. Birdman takes the hard cases, the unwinnable cases, the cases nobody else wants. Or maybe it’s just the animated cases. He works for prestigious law firm, Sebben and Sebben, and is constantly living in fear of getting fired. It’s unclear whether he ever completed – or even attended – law school, but he has a business suit now, that’s for sure.

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