Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crowd Scene and Wreckless Eric. And Amy Rigby.

Oh, yeah -- it's not too erarly to remind everyone that the Crwod Scene will join Wreckless Eric in one of those new-fangled clean, comfortable, sit-down kinda clubs. . . .

Thursday September 25 pop/rock $12 - 8pm show

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby + The Crowd Scene

Since their debut duo performance of “Je T’Aime” at the Yo La Tengo 2005 Hanukkah show fell apart and left the Hoboken crowd in stunned silence, Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby have been delighting and confounding audiences from Seattle to Walthamstow. "We've gotten a lot better since then," says Amy, with her trademark wit. Eric agrees."Now we only fuck it up half of the time."

Combining several decades of acclaimed records and failed relationships, Eric ("maverick genius" Record Collector) and Amy ("poet laureate of bohemian domesticity" Memphis Flyer) join together to play their should-be, could-be and has-been hits, accompanying each other with harmonies, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and beatbox.

An album of ten new songs and one cover version, played and sung entirely by the courageous pair, will be out late summer through the legendary Stiff label.

Originally from London, now based in Arlington VA, The Crowd Scene are apparently a walking encyclopedia of pop hooks and melodies.

Audiocafe had this to say about The Crowd Scene's debut record "Turn Left at Greenland":

"The Crowd Scene is a walking encyclopedia of pop hooks and melodies from both sides of the Atlantic. Sometimes it's the brainy pop of 10CC or the quirky cleverness of Squeeze, sometimes it's the sweeter confections of Neil Finn, sometimes it's Brian Wilson's soaring Pet Sounds harmonies".

September 25, Jammin' Java!

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