Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thums Up for Larry

I caught Lawrence of Arabia in glorious 70mm SuperPanavision.

I thought the CGI was amazing.

This was one o' the best-looking flicks I've ever seen.

Here's a photo for Lupner:

oh, btw -- to all Loopers of all stripes, but especially Lupner:

wore out battery on cell talking to dotters and texting on Thursday night. Broken charger cable, and no easy replacement. Got one this AM, and have only now resuscitated the Sanyo.

Looping was canceled. Boo.

Here is consolation photo; not sure if you dig him.

He dreamy:

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lupner said...

Altho I can certainly see that Omar is a very handsome devil, he's almost too classically handsome for me. If that makes sense. But I have enjoyed many of his performances, including the one in 'Orrance! . . .

Bummer re: the Loop, but hope that dotters are well-settled and phones are recharged. Let us soon discuss future Loop plans!