Monday, August 18, 2008

My Thums Runneth Over

So it was one of the busier weeks and weekends. In addition to seeing some minor -league baseball last week [the Washington Nationals], and catching a rocking, overly-packed set by The Hold Steady at le 9:30, and almost all of one song by Richard Lloyd o' Television

I also saw some feature films.

I'll review them in the order that I saw them.

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Mongol is an exciting, epic movie. It is about the life of Genghis Khan, but I endorse it by saying you have no idea it's about the life of Genghis Khan -- the protagonist is not swathed in filmmaking "heroism," nor "antiheroism." It's just a bloody story of one idiot beating his head against a brick wall to score some major tookie.

I enjoyed the acting, the scenery, the old-fashioned battle sequences, and Mongolian.

The Dark Knight I'd seen before, and may have reviewed. On second pass, this overly-long film was even better. Knowing that I think Aaron Eckhart is miscast and hurts the flick helped me overlook his performance [which is fine in a Hollywood way, but wrong for carrying what I think is a deep story and message]. This flick will someday be looked at as the Bible of our times.

Transsiberian was a GODDAMNED-FINE THRILLER. You'll hear Hitchcock's name bandied about [Hitch, Hitch -- do you know me, Hitch?], but I don't know enough to meaningfully comment except to say that the slow build-up of dread is palpable. You know bad shit will go down, and you're not sure how, or when it's starting. Or if it's happened.

I really liked this film; the performances were uniformly good [I know -- Woody Harrelson?], and Emily Mortimer does a phenomenal job. Phenomenon being what she is in this flick.

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