Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more SLIFR quizzitude

Today's Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule quiz is entitled:


I will not shamelessly copy it, but I urge you to go there and waste more time.

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Mister Parker said...

1) Your favorite musical moment in a movie

The "I Got Rhythm" number that Gene Kelly does with the kids in An American in Paris.

2) Ray Milland or Dana Andrews

Not a huge fan of either but I thought Dana Andrews was terrific in The Best Years Of Our Lives.

3) Favorite Sidney Lumet movie

12 Angry Men

4) Biggest surprise of the just-past summer movie season

I would say Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight except I'd heard quite a bit about his performance before I ever got to the theater. Possibly that I enjoyed the latest Indiana Jones movie more than any since the first, although I am pretty easy when it comes to fun-stupid movies.

5) Gene Tierney or Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth, by a wide margin.

6) What’s the last movie you saw on DVD? In theaters?

Hey, didn't I just answer this? Vicky Christina Barcelona and Rio Bravo, dammit. Pay attention.

7) Irwin Allen’s finest hour?

Lost In Space, of course.

8) What were the films where you would rather see the movie promised by the poster than the one that was actually made?

I don't know movie posters ...

9) Chow Yun-Fat or Tony Leung

Prefer Kung Po Chicken to either of them ...

10) Most pretentious movie ever

Probably one of those candidate biographies at a politcal convention ...

11) Favorite Russ Meyer movie

I've never seen one.

12) Name the movie that you feel best reflects yourself, a movie you would recommend to an acquaintance that most accurately says, “This is me.”

Holiday (1938).

13) Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo, although I love Marlene Dietrich as well.

14) Best movie snack? Most vile movie snack?


15) Current movie star who would be most comfortable in the classic Hollywood studio system

Scarlett Johansson, playing all the old Carole Lombard roles. Or George Clooney.

16) Fitzcarraldo—yes or no?

Don't know it.

17) Your assignment is to book the ultimate triple bill to inaugurate your own revival theater. What three movies will we see on opening night?

Like I'm supposed to know off the top of my head?

18) What’s the name of your theater? (The all-time greatest answer to this question was once provided by Larry Aydlette, whose repertory cinema, the Demarest, is, I hope, still packing them in…)


19) Favorite Leo McCarey movie

Duck Soup

20) Most impressive debut performance by an actor/actress.

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane.

21) Biggest disappointment of the just-past summer movie season

Failing to win the lottery.

22) Michelle Yeoh or Maggie Cheung

Michelle Yeoh

23) 2008 inductee into the Academy of the Overrated

Gary Cooper.

24) 2008 inductee into the Academy of the Underrated

Paula Prentiss

25) Fritz the Cat—yes or no?

Haven't seen it.

26) Trevor Howard or Richard Todd

Trevor Howard, if only for The Third Man, but for many other things as well.

27) Antonioni once said, “I began taking liberties a long time ago; now it is standard practice for most directors to ignore the rules.” What filmmaker working today most fruitfully ignores the rules? What does ignoring the rules of cinema mean in 2008?

Woody Allen ignores the rules of 2008 which is to say, he writes 90-minute dialogue-laden character studies in an era of fun-stupid blockbusters.

28) Favorite William Castle movie

Never seen any of his work.

29) Favorite ethnographically oriented movie

Is that even a word?

30) What’s the movie coming up in 2008 you’re most looking forward to? Why?

Never know what's coming out until I read a review in the paper.

31) What deceased director would you want to resurrect in order that she/he might make one more film?

Howard Hawks.

32) What director would you like to see, if not literally entombed, then at least go silent creatively?

Chris Columbus, but only if he's literally entombed.

33) Your first movie star crush

Julie Newmar, which explains a lot. Although she was television. Julie Andrews, then. And you put those two together and you probably have the yin and yang of my entire personality.