Monday, August 11, 2008

Hank Jones Turns 90

Hank Jones gets a cake for his quick 90 years

so tomanonymous gave me a gentle nudge about seeing hank jones.

hank jones, who turned 90 this weekend, is a piano-playing fool at the age of 90.

Goddamnit, could the guy play.Hank's back at Birdland

He let Russell Malone on guitar do most of the damage, and in classic jazz and bop styles, the solos were truly solos, leaving guys out there, naked in the wind.Blurry Birdland

I couldn't stand George Mraz's bass solos -- I found them wanktastic. But he was rock solid accompanying -- with some amazing flourishes.

It rocked.

all rights in the photos are reserved, baby

Hank Jones and Russell Malone

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