Thursday, July 17, 2008

where in hell did I ever find the time?

The indignities of getting old are painful to endure, but the one I [currently] lament the most is

my diminished relationship with, and to, music.

where did I ever find the time to listen? I know I must have spent thirty or forty hours every day listening to albums, songs, or tapes. Forty hours a day on each album.

I know this, because I know how well I know certain recordings. Know what I mean?

Driving in, a recording of (the) Razz performing Take It Back spilled out m' speakers. I knew every little thing that every one of the players would do. I knew every footstep from the live crowd before the song started. I got to a spot and "heard" the difference between the recording and the "seminal" version that I had engrafted onto my brain.

I can't believe I was ever, ever that into anything.

So today, I offer tribute and love to Jestaplero's Panasonic boombox. Before the construction "boombox," even before "ghetto blaster," there was "Sharples's Panasonic."

Thanks to that device, and Beacon's Backstage, my life was changed forever.

the photos are, sadly, of vastly different models. But they capture something of the spirit. . . .

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