Monday, July 28, 2008

Thums Up for Tell No One, and for The Last Mistress

French, French, French.

And all of those blasted subtitles.
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If the lead actor in Ne Le Dis a Personne [Tell No One], François Cluzet, had not so unnervingly resembled Dustin Hoffman, I would have found it nigh perfect [although a bit too long -- the overly-contrived ending didn't bother me, but it could'a been wrapped up more quickly]. I liked the actors, the pacing, the thriller/mystery, the conflict -- I liked it all. You may recall that I waxed ecstatic I reviewed The Diving Bell and the Butterfly -- another film featuring the amazing Marie-Josée Croze. Here, she's great, although not onscreen nearly enough pour mois.

Une Vielle Maitresse (The Last Mistress) is getting quite a bit of ink for the lead performance by Asia Argento -- and not all of it good. Argento is one o' these wacky, intense punky auteur-types. But -- since I don't speak French -- I was saved from hearing what may have been very painflul line readings. But I was also freed to see a sincere, genuine performance. I enjoyed the tale, and I like all of the actors. The nudity and sex I coulda done without.

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