Friday, July 18, 2008

btw, if you can sit through the wanky Phil Spector production, you can download THIS ALBUM from for only $3.99.

No DRM. That's pretty goddamned cheap.


tomanonymous said...

Done. Thanks. How did you manage to find this in Amazon's MP3 (virtual) haystack? Do you just check the JL listings for bargains on a regular basis?

Are you a [MP3] sales person?

Gen. Buck Turgidson said...

amazon offers about five titles a day for a ridiculously low price.

I learn about it from

you are not allowed to read that site, as you have eschewed the macintosh, its operating systems, and its idiom

P. Spector said...

If you're not joking (which I assume you are) you'll have to explain how my production here is "wanky."

All I hear is a clean, tight production sound tastefully augmented occasionally with crisp, restrained string sections, laced here and there with searing, succinct lines from Harrison's slide.

Believe me, I didn't want it that way. I wanted two basses, six guitars, Hal Blaine on steroids in a huge echo chamber, four pianos, and Sonny Bono and three interns armed to their teeth with every Mexican shaker we could find. A young Phil Collins on meth wailing away like a lunatic on a conga drum.

Then I wanted it all slathered with syrupy strings and symphonic harps and choirs.

That's The Wall of Sound. That's money, baby!

But that Limey bastard and his Chinese wife weren't having it! Go figure.