Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ranking beatles

some earlier comments flying back and forth encouraged me to rank quickly my enjoyment of the albums por Los Beatles. I list them now, in ascending order:

Studio albums


The Jestaplero said...

The only gaping difference between this and my list is that I usually have the White Album as interchangeably #1 or #2 with Revolver.

I can totally get behind ranking With the Beatles higher than critics' pets like Rubber Soul. It's a freakin' great rock record.

"The Album That Invented Power Pop."


tomanonymous said...

Any list I try to type would change by the time I got to the bottom, but I will say that Revolver is my knee-jerk number 1, I like Let It Be a lot more than I think I should, probably because I haven't played it into the ground. Despite being cobbled together, I think MMT might be underrrated as an album. I also like Rubber Soul a lot.

Thomas Paine said...

"The Album That Invented Power Pop."

I can't disagree, or agree; I can't figure out what the album is.

But it has my favourite Beatles covers, my favourite early-Beatles "John Lennon" songs, the energetic, effervescent Paul McCartney delivering the goods and not yet self-aware [that's as close as I can come to describing what I sense from his recordings over time], George's classic composition, arguably the first punk love song. Even the crap songs are glorious, perfect crap -- confections with all-natural flav, no artifical additives.

The Jestaplero said...

I can't disagree, or agree; I can't figure out what the album is.

"Power pop (or powerpop) is a popular musical genre that draws its inspiration from 1960s British and American pop and rock music. It typically incorporates a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies, economical arrangements, and prominent guitar riffs. Instrumental solos are usually kept to a minimum, and blues elements are largely downplayed. Recordings tend to display production values that lean toward compression and a forceful drum beat. Instruments usually include one or more electric guitars, an electric bass guitar, a drum kit, and sometimes electric keyboards..."

I've also heard it said that most powerpop lyrics involve teen romance themes.

While I wouldn't call WTB quintessential powerpop I think the case can be made that it is a kind of template or precursor for the genre. The point is that it is vastly closer to powerpop than the album right before it--and anything (but for a few tracks here and there) that came after.

Charley Starkweather said...

what kind of a jackass cites to Wiki, fer godsakes . . . . !

Charley Starkweather said...

and how can I give away a '51 Squier, Squire?!?

WHy did I publicly announce [not to you lot; to my ex-brother-in-law] that I was giving it.

What was I thinking?!?

[do the right thing do the right thing do the right thing do the right thing]